Revision History
Revision 1.11 2015-07-03
Changed dmachannel 0-->1 for RPIO, PWM library. With 2013-12-20-wheezy-raspbian, the optimized X-Server uses dmachannel 0. Various typo errors in configuration files. Some adjustments in web interface.
Revision 1.0 2013-12-28
Added remote-Adapters, allowing scratch-scratch communication.
Revision 1.02014-01-02
Implemented stepper adapter. Bug fixes in web application.
Revision 1.02014-01-06
Added WS2801-adapter
Revision 1.02014-01-07
Documentation updates.
Revision 1.02014-01-14
Added ScratchStartclickedAdapter.
Revision 1.02014-01-23
Modified Context diagram in chapter 6.3, remote control setup.
Revision 1.02014-02-03
Added/clarified description on broadcast names.
Revision 1.02014-02-08
Added dial plate adapter.
Revision 1.02014-02-23
Added I2C, ADS1015-Adapter; modified installation section
Revision 1.02014-02-26
Improved description of architecture.
Revision 1.02014-03-02
Added Gpio7segment-adapter
Revision 1.02014-03-03
Added special purpose adapters sample: atmega328 as ADC-Converter.
Revision 1.02014-03-11
Changed data receive logic to work even for very long records.
Revision 1.02014-03-23
Typo correction.
Revision 1.02014-06-12
corrected some instability in receiving variables.
Revision 1.02014-06-19
Performance optimizations
Revision 1.02014-07-12
added GpioStateOutput, for signalling client state.
Revision 1.02014-07-26
Added GSM Modem support for sending, receiving SMS; added 'changes' command line switch
Revision 1.02014-08-19
Added MAX31855 Thermocouple device
Revision 1.12014-10-19
Converted content to docbook; documented some devices (temp, humidity, pressure); documented test adapter.
Revision 1.22014-11-14
Added DS1820.
Revision 1.32014-12-23
config lookup policies added.
Revision 1.42015-02-12
servoblaster added.
Revision 1.62015-03-01
usb barcode scanner added.
Revision 1.72015-03-14
MCP23S17 added.
Revision 1.72015-03-16
Motor H-Bridge added, commandline added.
Revision 1.82015-04-07
Changes in install procedures.
Revision 1.92015-04-28
Added usage scenario and firewall settings. adapter technical descriptions.
Revision 1.102015-05-23
Added System time adapter.
Revision 1.112015-07-03
Added chapter on fixing runtime problems.
Revision 1.122015-07-14
Revision 1.132015-07-17
Revision 1.142015-08-29
CommunicationAdapter reworked.
Revision 1.152015-11-12
blink(1) added.
Revision 1.162016-01-02
gpioLib-flag removed.
Revision 1.172016-02-15
arduino-Adapter, added servo capability.
Revision 1.182016-03-26
arduino-Adapter for LEGO powerfunctions.
Revision 1.192016-08-15
LEGO WeDo 2 adapter.
Revision 1.202017-02-14
Added the singleton-Command line syntax.
Revision 1.212017-03-04
Reworked arduinoUNO descriptions, added mqtt adapter.
Revision 1.222017-04-21
Added sonicpi adapter.
Revision 1.222017-05-27
Added lirc adapter.
Revision 1.232017-07-09
Merged scratch2 branch with scratch1.4 branch. Download location changed.